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19世紀末的香港,誘拐婦孺、逼良為娼、販賣人口的事情經常發生。在1878年11月8日,東莞縣僑商盧賡揚、馮普熙、施笙階、謝達盛等聯名上書當時的港督軒尼詩爵士,請准設立保良公局,以保持安良為宗旨,籌集資金,緝拿拐匪。1880年5月獲港督批准,1882年8月英國理藩院通過「保良局條例」,並刊於憲報。後來為紀念創局的艱辛,遂將11月8日定為保良局創局紀念日。「保良局」的「保良」二字,指保持安良的意思。初期的工作為防止誘拐,保護無依婦孺,並協助華民政務司調解家庭與婚姻糾紛。隨著香港社會的轉變,現已成為一個龐大的社會服務機構,提供優質多元的服務。  欲知更多有關請資訊,按此連結。​




Twopresents is a social enterprise with a mission to put money spent on unnecessary gifts to better use with local Hong Kong charities. Twopresents is an online invitation website that helps users manage guest invitations and inform guests how you are sharing your party with a Hong Kong based charity. Twopresents allows invited guests to contribute money online and monies collected is then divided between a gift and a donation to a charity of the user's choice. Twopresents has kindly selected the Sprouts Foundation as one of the Hong Kong charities represented on their site. Any occassion can be turned into a party with Twopresents: one for you, one for charity. To plan your next event please visit

overeign Art Foundation (SAF)

The Sovereign Art Foundation (SAF) is a charity established in 2003 in Hong Kong, which is now also registered in the UK and South Africa. SAF runs the annual Sovereign Asian Art Prize with the purpose of recognizing some of the best mid-career artists whilst raising money to help disadvantaged children. Since its inception, SAF has raised over US$4.5 million for charities worldwide.
“Make It Better” is an initiative of SAF that provides art-therapy programmes for disadvantaged and special needs children living in Hong Kong.

The Kowloon Cricket Club (KCC) was originally formed as a Cricket Club in 1904. Over the century, the KCC has developed into one of Hong Kong’s finest sporting clubs competing in a number of sports. These include cricket, lawn bowls, hockey, squash, tennis and football with active participation in various sports leagues in Hong Kong. Sprouts is fortunate to have the support of the football section of the KCC who have generously donated their time and fundraising effort to our projects in Hong Kong.



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