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Ella was born in Hong Kong and attended primary and secondary school in Diocesan Girls’ School (DGS) in Kowloon, Hong Kong, where she grew up with the school motto of “Daily Giving Service”.  After leaving DGS, Ella studied in Oxford University in England through the Lee Shau Kee Scholarship, and subsequently Columbia University School of Law in New York.  Ella is now a Senior Vice-President and the General Counsel of NBA China.  She oversees all legal work across a variety of businesses including consumer products, marketing partnerships, digital and television, throughout China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. From her early education and family influence, Ella greatly appreciates the importance of both formal education and learning through extra-curricular activity.  In addition to education-related initiatives at NBA China, Ella is also active in alumni work for DGS, focusing on administering a scholarship to subsidize university tuition for DGS students.   



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