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Hong Kong

Hong Kong

In September 2011, Sprouts Foundation and Po Leung Kuk (PLK) established their Education Services Centre in Tai Wai, New Territories.

Programs located at the ESC provide after-school language training as well as broader life-skills development to low-income children in Tai Wai, New Territories. Tai Wai is a district where 22% of the population has no further education beyond primary school, and most children attending the ESC come from households living on less than HK$200 per day. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Hong Kong remains one of the most expensive cities in the world in which to live, surpassing any city in the United States or UK.

We have leveraged the success of various after-school programs to launch day-school English-language extensions in five Band 3 secondary institutions across Hong Kong's New Territories, serving well over 1,000 under-privileged teens from the city's lowest income groups.  Our teachers work hand-in-hand with the host schools' existing faculty, delivering activity-based learning within the setting of students' day-to-day educational experiences.  An on-going study by Chinese University of Hong Kong continues to validate the efficacy of our work, with the results encouraging us to partner with additional schools going forward.

To find out more information about what we do within these schools contact us at


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